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P2Con 2020 invites us to live our vision: to create the digital experience that advances the human experience. In this extraordinary time, we are rising to the challenge of this vision to make a P2Con together that creates the human experience we all treasure.

This year, P2Con will transport us to a place where we can share experiences, enchant our senses, and share in the wonders of the changing season. Get ready for a fall extravaganza, and bring your open hearts and minds to create an experience that celebrates our culture and brings us together - even when we must be apart.


Our theme this year explores Phase2’s vision. How do we create digital experience that advance human experience?

  • How can we celebrate our shared humanity in new ways within the constraints of social distancing?

  • How can we lead as digital experts for a world grasping to adapt?

  • What opportunities does our changing world offer to transform disruption, suffering, and loss to resilience and innovation?

  • What have you learned from the challenges of this year that will better equip us all to navigate our new reality?

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